Michael C. Farkas is a veteran trial attorney whose many years of criminal and securities litigation experience inure to the great benefit of his diverse clientele. His goal is for every client to receive the most dedicated and effective representation possible.

Mr. Farkas' firm, in partnership with Sclar Adler LLP and Of Counsel to Silverman Shin & Byrne PLLC, provides full service representation to clients facing Federal or State criminal prosecution, financial services companies and their individual representatives involved in retail or employment-related securities disputes or arbitration proceedings, and companies or individuals under investigation or prosecution by regulatory bodies such as the SEC, FINRA, or State securities divisions. Mr. Farkas also represents selected current or former members of the U.S. armed forces in various military law matters.

Mr. Farkas is a former New York City homicide trial prosecutor, former Wall Street in-house counsel, and current U.S. Army Reserve JAG officer whose experience trying cases in front of juries, arbitration panels, and military boards is second to none. After spending years devoting his energies to governmental and private-sector organizations, he now dedicates his considerable skills to private clients like you.

Please contact Mr. Farkas at the telephone number above, or send him an email to receive a free consultation.